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First, your account will be set up according to your wishes and requirements. This means that you can use the software to its full extent without any problems. There are several layout lines with six subvariables to choose from.
With the Pro offer, other unique products can be used for professional real estate marketing in addition to the basic products. These are approaches and products that raise «real estate farming» and, in particular, personal exposure to a highly professional level. This is the right offer for you as an established broker or sales professional.
One-time set-up fee
Layout-Wahl: mit Ihren Farben (2 Farben) und Logo€ 499.–
Automatisierung: Einrichten€ 499.–
Schulung: Einführungsworkshop 2h onlineinklusive
Einführungsworkshop vor Ortallfällige Spesen
Sicherstellung des Betriebes:
Hosting, Wartung, Weiterentwicklung, Datenpflege, Update und Backup
Up- und Download, Speicherplatz
Flyer A5, diverse Vorlagen
PDF und Flip-Book
CRM-Schnittstelle (Open-Immo)
Objekt-Aushang A4 und A3
Qualifizierter Alleinauftrag
Soft- und Hardcover-Exposé
Monatliche Gebühr€ 149.–
Jahres-Gebühr*€ 1639.–
*Mindestlaufzeit von einem Jahr

The MY VIVENDA range is constantly being updated with exciting new products and tools from us
as well as our partners.